My Female Companion

I am a single woman that has never been interested in men for a serious relationship in my entire life. My greatest qualities are that I love to laugh and have fun 24/7. Always have I preferred a female companion because they seem more understanding, caring, compassionate and are very intimate. These days sometimes it can be hard to find a female companion so I turned to the Nottingham escorts.

I usually set up a couple of dates with different women just to get to know them and see which one that I would like to hook up with more often. A couple of months ago I found one female friend and we hit it off that very first night and with no strings attached at all. We have swapped each others telephone numbers and talk quite frequently. Many things that we have done together have been amazing and I know that I never what to be with a man again!

A cure for work realated stress!

Nothing is more relaxing after a hard week at the office than casual sex London. This week being particularly stressful I made sure to book an hour long session with Lara my favorite massage therapist. Lara’s technique is firm yet soothing and she really gets the job done. Lara who specializes in traditional Swedish massage really knows how to give a wonderful full body massage. I always request this therapist because she is friendly and professional. After the session, my body and mind have totally forgotten all the hours of stress the week had piled on. Once I have recharged my body with a wonderful massage I am ready to tackle anything Monday has to throw at me. I would recommend massage to anyone with stress in their life; and let us face it in today’s world we all could use a good massage.

Holi – The Festival of Colors

On the day after the full moon in the Hindu month of Falguna, is celebrated the least religious of all the Hindu holidays: Holi, the colorful Festival of Spring. Throughout the nation, large public bonfires are erected and friends and family find themselves decorated in brightly colored powder and water while dancing and singing songs in a celebration of life!

Ostensibly an agricultural festival celebrating the arrival of Spring, celebrations throughout India cross every line of social and economic status. And the stories of it’s origins are as varied as it’s participants. Whether in memory of Prahlad’s victory of virtue over evil, Lord Shivas godly resolve, or simply the eternal love between Lord Krishna and Radha, the two days of celebration are known for the suspension of social constrictions, hindi Delhi sex chat, promiscuous behavior and care-free attitudes.

Lovers or Friends?

Two years I’ve been gay sex dating the guy that I love, but apparently the engine will not start. We get along great, there are many similarities between the two that make the moments we spend together perfect, but while we do not go out every day, we always look for ways to meet at some time during the day.

I feel that at this point in the relationship, there should be certain commitment between the two, since we are not so young, and I do not want to waste my time on a relationship that has no future. Although we have so much fun together, our dates lately have become a routine. Will it be that we are true friends or frustrated lovers?

I have no doubt that he loves me; I doubt he wants to marry me. Meanwhile I will continue having fun with him until death do us part.

Bye Bye Stress!

I was very unhappy with my relationship with my wife but I didn’t want to leave because of the kids. We tried to fix things over and over again and it just never seems to pan out. I work fifty minutes from home and usually stop at the bar before I even try to walk in the door at home. Usually, I walk in to screaming, yelling or some unexpected drama that I am completely sick of!

I went to my lawyer and filed for a divorce when I met the best fuck buddy that I have ever had in my entire life! My wife flipped out and started stalking me daily, she was trying to find out where I was at all times of day. It took her about three months to get the picture after I started ignoring all of her phone calls and texting. I now get my kids every weekend and I am very happy and live a stress free life!